Living Life

LoveLifeKnowing that we would have a long weekend to play with, my husband and I decided to set aside 2 days for ourselves.  Last Friday and yesterday. 

Let’s call them date days. 

Days where we would throw out our schedule and do nothing but fun stuff – for no reason other than just because. 

On Friday, we hit the movies, grabbed a bite to eat, went for a drive and wandered about until we missed our little guys and it was time to go home.   

Yesterday, we opted for a scenic drive up to the Seacoast where we enjoyed a long walk, splashed around in the water, and checked out a new place for lunch. 

It was great. 

On our drive, my husband summed up what I was thinking well when he said, “Think back to 1996 when we met, would you have thought that it would have led to this place?  To such a good day together”.

The answer – probably not.  I would haven’t guessed what life had/has in store for us.  The mostly good.  And some of the bad.

But, the date days and his sentiment remind me to appreciate the moments.  The times we can spend together.  The blessings that we have.  The memories we can make. 

In the end, it’s about living life.  So, why not try to love it? 

We only have one, right.

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