Featured Products

Check in to see Featured Products that I’ve tested, benefited from, and would highly recommend.    But, first …here’s a quick disclaimer:
  • Highlighted products have been purchased by me based on interest in trying them
  • No one has paid for / requested that I write a review of these items
  • What you’re getting is strictly my opinion – & a direct result of personal eating enjoyment
  • If it’s bad or not something that will support my nutritional goals – why mention it?
The featured product is:  Wildtree Banana BBQ Sauce

Someone I know recently suggested that I try the Wildtree product line – knowing that I would probably be a fan of the fact that their items are all natural and have no additives or food dyes.  And, you know what?  She was right.  Their products – sauces, spices, etc – are absolutely great.

The most recent goodie of theirs that I’ve used to whip up a recipe is the Banana BBQ Sauce

  • I love Bananas. 
  • BBQing is da Bomb. 
  • And the stuff only has 35 calories per serving.  How could I not be excited to check it out?

Carrying on with the whole banana & BBQ theme, I decided to debut this sauce on pork and chicken skewers that were accompanied by sweet vidalia onion and banana chunks.   Here’s what they looked like:


….my husband and I were both BIG fans of how they turned out.  They were sweet, tangy and definitely not your ordinary skewers. 

If you like to cook outdoors or do a lot with proteins, I would highly recommend checking out Wildtree’s product options.

Some of my other favorite spice mixes from them include:

  • Lemon Rosemary Blend
  • Steak Rub
  • And the Scampi Blend

Priced between 7.00-12.00 per jar, these items are affordable, add very little calories to your dishes, will last you some time and certainly help to jazz up any meal.

Previously featured products include:

















  1. February 14, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Hi Di,

    Have you ever tried Dreamfields pasta? They say there are only 5 grams of digestible carbs per serving. I eat it all the time and love it.


    • Di
      February 14, 2010 at 7:32 pm

      Sean – absolutely love the stuff. Dreamfield is my new favorite pasta.

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